Guide Map
Guide Map
1. Fill out the waitlist form
Fill out our Waitlist form with your preferences
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2. Chat with us
Ask questions and get to know each other
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3. Join the Waitlist
Sign the puppy contract and place your deposit
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4. Join the Community
Once the puppies are born, you'll join the private community!
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5. Take your puppy home
Take your puppy home when they're 7-9 weeks old
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View our Live Waitlist!
See where you're at on the waitlist and how many people are ahead of you!
What's included with
Your Grizzly Puppy
 Their First Vaccine & Deworming 
After eight weeks, we'll administer their first vaccines (Parvo & Distemper).  They also receive two sets of deworming treatment if needed.
 Access to exclusive Community 
Access to our exclusive Grizzly community where you can meet other people with our puppies and share memories and plan meet-ups with locals.
 Snuggle Plush 
We’ve absolutely fallen in love with these little toys that have little heartbeat and heat warmers in them to help the puppy feel less anxiety when in a new home!
 Vet Physical Exam 
We bring all puppies into our veterinarian for a wellness exam prior to going home.
We work with our puppies on being well adjusted with many situations & environments.
 Puppy Goodie Bag 
You get a cute tote bag which includes a handmade blanket from another of our Golden Families with siblings & mother's scent.
 Puppy's Registration Application & Health Record 
We will have their health records available in your puppy's folder as well as important documents like the AKC registration application.
 Two Year Health Guarentee 
If genetic defects arise which affect your puppy's life in the first couple years of their life, we have options for you. Read contract for more details or ask us  during our next chat.
 Lineage  & Health Documents 
We have a copy for you of your puppy's sire and dam's pedigrees as well as health clearances. We will go over this information with you.
 Steps 1 & 2 
We’re so excited that you’re interested in getting a Golden! We truly believe that they are the best breed out there, adaptable to nearly every lifestyle. Even if you end up not getting a Golden from us, we hope you find out why "gold" is in the Golden, they stick as close as family. So let’s begin the process! First go to our contact page and fill out our Waitlist Form, Tell us your preferences, which Mama & Papa dogs you'd like to have puppies from, size, weight, colors you'd like to have. Unless you know exactly what you want, try to give us a couple options. Once you've done that we'll send you a emails for step 1 & 2. These probably will land in you promotions or spam tab, be sure to check there if they don’t show up! If you can’t find them, email us at! Step 1 is just to confirm your email, while Step 2 will have more information and links to schedule a time for us to give you a call to answer questions that you might have. We want to make sure that we are a good fit for you and your needs. You can also schedule a time to come out and meet us instead, or email us to continue the conversation, whichever is most convenient for you! If you need any help during this phase of your Journey please contact us. If we don't answer right away, we're likely spending quality time with sweet puppies or our two young children. Your message is important to us and we will do all we can to respond in a timely manner. We can usually respond more quickly to emails or messages, so if an immediate answer is needed, please use that method.

So you’re probably wondering what to write in the email or what we’ll talk about on the phone. Don’t worry, we don’t have a hundred page questionnaire or background checks, we prefer a real, free-flowing conversation to know you hear about you and any questions that you might have! We love hearing about your experience with dogs and/or Goldens, and what you are looking for in a Golden. It’s that simple, there's no wrong answers here, we just want to get to know you  as you enter this Journey. We look forward to meeting you and getting to know the new individual or family who will bring home one of our fur babies at a future date.

 Step 3 
Everything is looking good! Once we've approved your application, we'll send you an email containing all the information so that you can put down the necessary deposit. Unless you've signed up for the Standard List, this can be done through our Payment Portal or by mailing us a check. We do not accept Venmo or Paypal. Credit Cards are accepted, but any charge backs will result in immediate termination of your contract and loss of your position in any Waitlists.

You can then, or in conjuncture, fill out the puppy contract and either mail that in to us (with your check if going that route) or email it to us through our contact page. You can download the contract with the link below.

After this part comes the longest part of the process, and that's waiting for your puppy to be born! We'll keep you informed via email as best as possible while you wait. We'll also send you emails containing helpful information to help you be prepared for that big day quick approaching!

 Steps 4 & 5 
Between the puppies being born and going home with you is a very busy time for us, but a wonderful time for you as we get to send you puppy photos and updates! We do our best to keep you in the loop of what’s going on such as when we do an ultrasound to confirm pregnancy after 4 weeks of being bred. The best news, of course , is when the puppies are born! We also will post regularly on our social media platforms so that you can follow to view cute photos of your puppy's litter, our dogs, and any other litters that we have around the same time. However what's even better is that we have a private hub for you log into and get Puppy photos directly!

The last step! Making your puppy selection. You’ll be somewhere in the picking process for either a male or female. You will be notified when to schedule a time to pick out your puppy. This happens in person or virtually. By now we’ll have released a lot of pictures and our personal notes on their personalities that we have noticed so far.  This will help if you cannot come out in person to choose. We can take videos also to help those choosing virtually.

After then it's time to TAKE YOUR PUPPY HOME! The happy hellos to new furry family members. We have a window between 7-9 weeks where you can schedule a time to bring home your new pup!

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